German craftsmanship and exclusive quality ensure that bari bari bags and accessories remain true collector’s items, perfect for discerning fashion individualists. The source of inspiration for the brand is the elegant, timeless Bauhaus design with its emphasis on style and durability. bari bari sees itself as a symbiosis of the Orient and Occident, of German craftsmanship coupled with luxurious camel leather.

The bari bari brand takes full responsibility for their products as well as the origin of all materials carefully selected to create their timeless designs.

The first collection combines a sailing aesthetic with camel leather sourced from organic livestock farmers in Saudi Arabia in the form of raw leather – this is then tanned and carefully finished  in Germany.

bari bari are bags mindfully designed & crafted in Germany.

Our inspiration

It is our aim to create a product that combines high quality and classic design with sustainability and a love for our envorinment.

The result is a convenient and classy laptop bag which will be both fashionable and timeless, a piece to be passed from generation to generation.

Our leather


We only use leather from animals that have been farmed with the highest ecological standards, which is then tanned and processed in Germany

The German leather industry is subject to strict environmental and health criteria. The raw leather used for every bari bag is tanned in Germany and Europe, and is free of chrome VI, PCP, AZO dyes and other chemical substances.


It’s is important to know that camel are considered sacred animals in the Arabian peninsula, and while being kept as farm animals they are treated with lifelong respect and care.

Therefore the leather exhibits almost no scars. Any scars that may be present are completely natural.

Out of love to our environment it is our aim to create bags that combines  quality, sustainability and design. The result is a practical, fashionable and timeless laptop bag/briefcase that will be passed from generation to generation.